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Jean Atkin works as a poet, writer and educator.  She lived on a Dumfriesshire smallholding for twelve years, and is now settled in Shropshire. She is a past winner of the Torbay Prize, the Ravenglass Poetry Prize, the Ways With Words Prize at Dartington Hall and others.

Her first collection Not Lost Since Last Time, was published by Oversteps Books in  2013.  Her website is here.

She has just installed four garden hens in Ludlow to enjoy their company.  And their eggs.

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Pamela Grace is an artist and printmaker living and working in Galloway. She trained as a designer at the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels.  Her work reveals hidden micro-landscapes, glimpses of corners of gardens, allotments, and forgotten henhouses.
Her work has been selected regularly for the prestigious Spring Fling open artists studios event in Dumfries and Galloway, and she has exhibited widely in Scotland and the UK.

Her website is here.


3 thoughts on “Artists

  1. rwmoby

    hey now Jean

    really enjoyed your reading

    great to meet

    very confidently done

    beautiful art both Pamela too

    best wishes

    Robert Weir

    1. Jean Atkin Post author

      Hi Robert,

      thanks for putting the link on exploreart. There’s just a few glitches:

      1. in the poem scarlet, not scarlett
      2. Barnvelder not Barnwelder
      3. full stop after ‘exposed hillside’.
      4. my first collection is ‘Not Lost Since Last Time’ rather than ‘Not Lose (etc)

      Thanks for putting up the links. I’ve linked back to exploreart from here

      Best wishes,

      1. rwmoby

        marvellous Jean, thanks for getting back

        I’ve been in London this weekend seeing The Boss at the home of the Sassenach FA, most excellent, so I have just done the update from the train

        thanks also for the backlink. These are now as, or more, important than keywords, as the search engine algorithms wisen up to people spoofing keywords & page descriptions

        I added the full stop. I am not a fan of them in my own writing at the end of the paragraph. No criticism, this was lazy of me, and born of habit. I just feel that a paragraph ending signifies that a full stop is implicit, but with someone else’s writing then this was sloppy of me.

        i do love ee cummings

        I do love your page on the website Jean (they are all your words), I added the November poem in at the top, I really feel it brings the whole alive

        it was a pleasure to meet you.

        i hope that we meet again…

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